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How to Trust your Gut and Take that Spontaneous Adventure: Mom tips for Traveling with kids and a do

Do you ever get the urge to just pick up and go? Do you love adventure? Do you find yourself shutting down those impulses to take off because you are a momma, because life all of a sudden is busy and hectic and taking off just feels like... a lot of work!?!

Well I LOVE to go, to travel, to chase adventure. People warned me that things would change when I had kids. But I refused to believe it, "No way! I will just take them with me!" Truth be told it is definitely DIFFERENT traveling with kiddos, but guess what? Its a fun new up-levelling different and I am all about growth and getting uncomfortable. So I choose to keep on going, traveling and having fun with my kids alongside me.

This brings me to how I managed to get away with the kids and dog on a spontaneous adventure... My hope is that this story will inspire you to listen to those adventurous impulses you may have, and hit the road.

Open the Door for Inspiration:

I woke up the other day on my hubby's first day back to work. My hubby works 2 days 2 nights an hour outside of town. So his first day back feels slightly exhausting to me. I woke up and had nothing really on the agenda (I had not planned the day out, one big huge skill I have learned that assists me to feeling excited to wake up).

So here I was, not feeling great, looking for something to made me pumped about my day... I put on my Hydrogel patches, this definitely helped. Treating yourself to some TLC helps me get the inspo juices flowing... Now that I was feeling a bit better I sat out on the back deck and got quiet... And did an Insta story of course!

Trust you GUT:

I asked myself, "What would make today awesome?" I closed my eyes and I could picture us on a beach. Those of you who know me know I live on the river and often go down to our beach for fun.

Well thats not what I was feeling, I wanted a different beach, something that required a drive... Shuswap... yesss!!! I have so many fond memories of taking off to Scotch Creek Provincial Park as a kid with my sisters and mom, thats what I wanted.

Then the kids yelling in the background snapped me from my daydream... My ego kicked in and tried to shut down the idea... its going to be tough, I don't have anything packed, its getting late...

NOO!!! Follow your insight. I had just finished "Light is the New Black" and refused to allow my impulse to be shut down. Take one step in the direction toward your desire... just keep going!!!

So I kept moving, one kid ready, set back, another kid ready, set back, go load the car... no car seats (we had taken them out before our weekend getaway), darn it.... Put car seats in, one wont fit, readjust buckles... grrr... its already 30 degrees out and I am sweating trying to get these seats in... don't stop, keep going!!!

I felt like giving up sooo many times but I wanted that beach so bad, to sit with my kids and pup and go somewhere new! To explore a new spot!!!

Tell your Kids the Plan:

A great mom tip, tell your also adventure seeking 3.5 year old about your idea!! He always keeps me accountable. I said at one point, "Lets just go to our beach." he replied, "Nooo I want to go to the cool new beach mom!"

And thank goodness he said that... So I kept going and we did it, by some miracle we made it on the road. Later than I had imagined, slightly frazzled but also excited and relieved we had made it out of the house!!!

I wasn't totally sure where we were going but I said to myself I would trust my instincts, and they would guide me to our destination. And it worked!!! We made it to the cutest little beach on the Shuswap.

Go with the Flow:

The biggest thing I think is just go and be flexible. Traveling might not look the same as before but its a new level of being adaptable and having fun trying to figure it all out.

We got to the beach around 12:30 pm (lunch time) and I had not packed lunch. I had snacks but it was definitely time to eat... So we adapted. We ate the snacks and our next move was off to find some food.

Say YES to Help:

We were packed up to leave the beach, imagine... I had my tent, the backpack, Jase's swim jacket, the dog on his leash, Jase was already running for the car, and Em falls and scrapes her knee!! (I can only imagine what we must have looked like). A lady on the beach looked at me and said, "Do you need some help?" My reply, "Nah this is normal life for me."

As I think back now, help would have been freaking fantastic!!! Its crazy to think we can do this by ourselves all the time. I wish now I had said, "Yes please!!" Allowing others to assist us is a gift for both you and them. Think about how good it feels to help someone out!

Sooo in closing... Momma's you can do this!! Here is how to get out there!

1) Look for ways to open the gate of inspiration!! Maybe its treating yourself to some TLC or taking a few minutes to meditate! Whatever makes you feel awesome. Then get quiet and listen to what you hear!

2) Trust your intuition, it is telling you things because they will light your soul on fire and make sure you have a fabulous day no matter what the outcome.

3) Get your kids involved! They are little bundles of light, they don't have all the garbage excuses floating around in there that cause them to doubt their desires. They just go for it!

4) Go with the flow, this seems to be a common theme in my life right now. I am working on adjusting my expectations and allowing things to happen. Often its even better than I could ever have imagined and the worst never is as bad as I could have imagined, win win!!

5) Finally give yourself some grace, you don't have to be a super momma all the time. We are all doing our best and the people around you want to support you to have an amazing experience too, let them help you out!!

And have fun! Life is about having fun along the way!

I have linked the tent shade we bought last summer because its awesome (on picture below #1)!! Super duper easy to put up and take down, its light and has adjustable windows. It comes everywhere with me!!

Also this blanket is water resistant and comes with a little carrying case! Other than these two things, pack snacks, water, sunscreen, a sense of humour, a sense of adventure, and remember "You got this!"

1. 2.

If you found some value here and want to continue to hear how I am doing my best as a busy momma to live life to the fullest, then I would love for you to subscribe below!! Or if you love to get out and still do spontaneous adventures with your kids I would love to hear your tips!

Thank you!!



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