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5 Must-Have's for the Busy Momma

Hey ladies... The holiday's are here. I don't know about you but when I go out to any shops right now no matter the time, its busy!! People are out shopping for Christmas. How many of you busy moms don't even know what you want for a gift (or maybe some of you do!)? That was and has been my situation for many years. Especially being used to putting everyone's needs ahead of my own.

I believe however that we are waking up to the fact that this doesn't work!! I have surrounded myself with some incredible women that are firm believers in "putting your own oxygen mask on first" and doing regular self love.

Well that leads me to this post. Its short and sweet, something to get me back in the blogging game because if you haven't noticed I have been MIA lately.

So here are a few of my fave self love things for the busy momma on the go... and maybe a few things you can add to your Christmas list.

1) Scrunchies:

My sister made these!!! I bought a few from a local shop and loved them sooo much I was wearing them everyday. My sister, who is a jack of all trades, said, "I can make those!" And she did!! These puppies are soo beautiful and sooo handy. Even when I don't do my hair but want to have a nice hair do, these are my saviour!! I get tons of compliments on them. She has made me so many colours

and textures. Contact her on Instagram @readysetglow.kamloops!

2) Nerium!!! Age IQ Day and Night cream, and Dual Action Botanical Cleanser:

These products are a staple in my skincare routine. I live in a super dry city, before I used these products my skin was always dry and flaky. Not anymore. I started using these products because of hormonal acne when I was pregnant. I was blown away by my results in just one week. That was 4.5 years ago and I haven't looked back. Our formulas have been enhanced and improved and continue to blow me away.

Nerium's products are unique, exclusive, holistic, safe and effective!! The Night cream addresses all signs of aging in one step, booya! Who is tired of using products that don't work and sit in the drawer of doom? Well no more!! Check out the link below for more info!

3) The Five Minute Journal:

This book has been a life saver for my morning routine! Pretty much every personal development book I read says you need to start the day with positive habits including showing gratitude. This book is incredible for that. It starts the page with an inspirational quote, then 3 things to be grateful for, 3 things that would make today great, and your Daily Affirmation. Then there is a night time section to review your day and a spot to think of ways you could have made the day even better! This five minute practice is so simple and easy to do.

And its on sale for 30% off on Chapters right now!!

3) The Slight Edge:

I LOVE personal development (PD). I love listening to books on Audible, reading physical books, listening to podcasts, anything that inspires me to be the best version of myself. Why am I recommending this book? Because it was one of the first PD books I ever read. It talks about every aspect of life and how to start today making real change towards a better you. Its a fabulous place to start if you have never read a PD book before! I actually catch myself asking myself, "Rikki is that a slight edge decision?"

This one is also on sale for Black Friday through Chapters Indigo!! Click here!

Or if you are a Kamloops local I would love to hook you up with a copy!

5) Press on Gel Nails:

OHHHKAAY!!! I am a RN who is not allowed to have fake nails on, or polish or anything fun. Booo! But I love getting and doing my nails. So again my sister (so grateful for her) told me about these super cool stick on gel nails. They are so simple to apply and fast and look fabulous!!!

There are a few different brands but I love the Kiss brand or Impress, and I have heard amazing things about the ones at Sally Beauty, I have added a few pictures of some online I found that would be perfect for the holidays!

Each image is linked to the Sally Beauty site!! Go check them out!! And they range from $7-10, can't beat that!! The Kiss and Impress brands can be found at most grocery stores or cosmetic stores, Save on Foods in Sahali, London Drugs, Walmart.

Okay ladies, hope you found that useful!! Happy shopping, and remember to include yourself on that list of people to take care of!

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Thank you,


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