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How to get over the Post Christmas Funk and bring in 2018 with a BANG!

How was everyone's Christmas? Did you over indulge in goodies, drinks, turkey? Did you feel overwhelmed, or at peace? Did you get some alone time or embrace the family fun?

Well... I did a bit of everything. This year we did Christmas on Christmas Eve because my hubby had to work. That was the first time since being together that happened, can't say I loved it but it actually didn't make much difference in the end. The kids are too young to really know the difference and we still did lots of fun family get togethers.

After all the dust had settled, people had gone home, it started... The antsy feeling. What to do next? Christmas is such a hurried time, being out shopping, preparing food, baking, going here, and there. It was sorta a shock when it was just the kids and I and we had nowhere to be. I didn't like it, and here in Kamloops it has been cold and snowy everyday. So we were hanging inside... dun dun dun.

I put away some decorations, started back with daily chores, played toys, did crafts... but I was feeling well restless and BORED!!

Why do I tell you all this? Because I think I use all of these distractions sometimes to avoid looking at what is really going on inside.

So this morning I decided to take a big deep breath and listen to what was brewing deep down.

Guess what... there is a lot of guilt, sadness and fear!!! Crazy sauce right? So much to look forward to with the new year, so much excitement, so much love from the holidays. How the heck did I end up in this poopy place????

Well when I look closer, for me this time is about endings. Gahh if any of you have read my other blogs you know that I have trouble with endings, with saying goodbye, with starting new. Anyone else feel this way?!

I love to hold on to things, to dwell on what could have been, to beat myself up about where I have fallen short, or things that haven't worked out the way I planned. Silly and crazy but this is me.

So the ending of 2017 is exciting but also tough. This year was a year of immense growth, of struggle, of triumph, of discernment. A year filled with having to lean on others for support. A year of honesty, of vulnerability, of starting to look at who I am and who I want to be. A year of letting go of expectations, of judgments, of unnecessary struggle.

2017 was also a year where I set a word for my intention (highly recommend). My word for the year was FUN!! And throughout it all, that is what I did. I did my best to take things lightly and enjoy the moment! Some of my highlights from the year below!

So now that I have acknowledged how I really feel I can move into welcoming the New Year with a sense of peace and calm.

Everywhere you turn right now is talk of New Years Resolutions, of goal setting, of planning. I have not been the best goal setter in the past. My best trait is that I am overly excited and enthusiastic, this often leads me to easily getting distracted away from goals that are important.

Well I have decided that starting today I am writing a new chapter! I am learning to be more gentle on myself, to affirm that I am doing my best and I am capable of anything, that I am abundance, that I am wealth, that I am living the life of my dreams, that anything AND everything is possible!!

Also to focus on what I HAVE accomplished, how far I HAVE come! It is so easy to get caught up on those things you didn't achieve, but I encourage you to make a list of your 2017 accomplishments or heck why not your life. We did this recently at one of my business training sessions. Then three people shared at the front of the room!! It was very powerful to celebrate all our wins.

Then once you have looked back on your year with compassion, love and joy then you can start moving toward a new year. Dreaming big about where you want this new year to take you.

So in recap, some tools to move you into 2018 with a bang:

1) Take a deep breath and check in with how you are really feeling.

2) Acknowledge yourself for what you have accomplished this year, your highs and lows. Celebrate it all!

3) Start getting clear and dreaming big about what you want your life to look like. I highly recommend pulling out a piece of paper and writing it all down! Take 10 minutes to yourself in a quiet room and write everything and anything that comes to your mind!! The bigger the better.

I have been researching how to dream build and set goals that are achievable. I will post that blog next week on how to turn these BIG dreams into reality! Until then, enjoy the rest of 2017, take some deep breaths and embrace the moment.

Happy 2018!!



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