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Miracle Morning: Whats the Deal?!

Okay!!! So this is my first ever blog post and I wanted to do it about something I am passionate about, and something I think can benefit a lot of people: Miracle Morning.

Let me ask you this: Are you a busy momma who wants to be more present with your kids? Who wants to feel grounded and happy during the day? To feel more and peace and relaxed while still enjoying balance and abundance? Well listen up because I found an exciting solution!! I am going to share about how I found the practice, what its given me, and how it can help you too!

When my son was about a year and a half and I was pregnant with number two, I had a friend tell me that when he was able to wake up before his two young kids HE was more present when THEY woke up. This sounded like a great idea, as I was already starting my day in a REACTIVE state.

So I started doing my own little routine, just getting up a bit before Jase, having a coffee and quiet time. I loved it! Then... baby number two came along! People said it would be crazy but I gave it no attention. I found one baby a breeze; how hard could two really be? Eeek... So turns out two IS tougher and my little routine went right out the window!

So here I was... up all night with a new baby, then at the crack of dawn my son would cheerily burst into my room with a barrage of demands, and to top it off, I also work from home (sooo grateful to stay home with my babies) but with the chaotic environment I was hardly able to get anything done (enter guilt). I was snappy, anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed (can anyone relate?). There had to be a better way!!

Thank goodness my company HIGHLY encourages personal development, so I was open and looking for my next great book. Miracle Morning was laying on my sisters bedside table, and it CALLED to me! Like "Hello I am your next big BREAKTHROUGH!!". I immediately purchased the Audible version (for you mommies out there who don't feel like you have time to read, this is a MUST!).

This book has been a game changer for me, it gives me the exact recipe for a practice in which I was already interested. It gives tips and tricks on how to do a Miracle Morning that fits your life and lines you up for success. Maybe your idea for success is different than mine, but thats the beauty of this practice! You can make it to whatever YOU want it to be!

The book breaks it down into these practices and goes into specifics on how to do each to maximize results:

S - Silence/meditation

A - Affirmations

V- Visualization

E - Exercise

R - Reading

S - Scribing

It even gives you a quick and dirty 6 min version doing one minute of each!

My Version of the Miracle Morning entails:

  • Waking up to a great song! I turn my phone on silent so I am not interrupted by notifications through the night. (Next step removing the phone from the bedroom!)

  • I immediately drink a big glass of water that I put out the night before (hydration is key!).

  • I go downstairs to my office (my happy place) and I do a meditation. I really like Headspace, its a great 10 minute guided meditation (

  • I then write in my journal (whatever flows), followed by my affirmations (the book helps you to structure these for you if you find yourself lost on what to say!).

  • I love to read something inspirational (my go to is either Success magazine, or Live Happy. We get both of these subscriptions through my company :D)

  • I end the practice with a list of things for which I am grateful! Secret here: really FEEL it, feel the gratitude for those things and TAKE IT IN!

  • Working on adding in exercise, I do my best to go for a run with the dogs and kids when everyone is fed! I know when I work out it also helps my energy in a big way (another blog post perhaps).

So thats me! I am also working on not beating myself up if the kids get up before me. Its a work in progress. If they do, I do my best to take 10 minutes at some point to sit in quiet and do my meditation and set an intention.

When my cup is full and my energy is right I am a better wife, mom, friend, business woman, person in general! Who doesn't want that?

So if you can relate and have had enough of being tired, angry or anxious, maybe its time you picked up a morning routine! Or maybe you already have one; I would love to hear what you do! I am always excited to learn and grow! If you are interested in starting your Miracle Morning journey you can purchase a copy of the book that suites you, the links can be found below!



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