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Who is Rikki?

Have you ever felt like there was something deeper, more meaningful and more in alignment with YOUR highest calling?

Hello beautiful soul. Welcome to this space. I would love to share more about me to see if I can support you on your intuitive healing journey.

I am a woman who has big passion for life, big emotions, and big dreams. As a child I lived in an unstable environment that lead to me adapting and developing coping skills to survive.

When I hit adulthood I found myself with a "safe" career as a Registered Nurse with a supportive loving partner, and this feeling in my stomach that there was more. I was tired of just surviving and it was time to thrive!

I kept hearing about breath work and how amazing everyone felt after doing a session so I went for my first one in 2010. In that session I connected to ME for the first time in a long time and saw clearly that I had been motivated by external factors my whole life. I finally had a connection to my intuition and saw a new path forward.

Doing this work has allowed me to embrace new opportunities such as my Network Marketing Business with Neora, let go of my 12 year nursing career during the pandemic, and have and raise two beautiful children: Jase and Emery. 

It is not always easy following our hearts and intuition. The hustle culture and the idea that our value is tied to our production is creating burnout and exhaustion. If you are ready to reclaim your power, reconnect to your divine intuition and create a more loving path forward I would love to be your breath work guide. click here

Or if you are looking to create extra income using the most exclusive cutting edge anti aging products click here.

Life is a gift. Lets come together to create a more empowered, aligned and loving way forward.

I am excited to connect and support you.

Thank you for being here


”Our deepest fear is not that we are ina
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