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Supporting One Another!

I am so fired up about this topic! Let me tell you why...

A couple days ago I was able to get up early and do my miracle morning (yay!!), this led to me having a good day generally. We then did our Mastermind call, what is this you may ask:

A group of like minded women getting together once a week to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE,

SHARE with each other.

In the call, my younger sister Jody could tell I was missing my normal spark. Shortly after, she called me and gave me the exact recipe to help me JUMP start my day!! My good day turned into a GREAT day. Allowing people to help me has not always been this easy, and often came with lots of judgments. It has taken some practice, awareness and ahh haaa moments.


I am one of those people who often wants to do it all myself, take care of the kids, run my business, clean the house, make the food (hubby does help a lot with this thank goodness); and NEVER ask for help. I learned an invaluable lesson in a Personal Empowerment course I took; when we don't ask for help, we actually deprive other people the satisfaction of helping us. How good does it feel to help someone out who is having a rough day? AMAZING right?!

Another thing I used to do... Judge and be critical (insert sad face). This I am also working on. I have learned that what we put out to the world is what we are dealing with on the inside, Wayne Dyer says in his talk 'Divine Love' that if you cut an orange what do you get out? Orange juice. If you are being critical, negative and angry guess what? That is what you have inside, that is what you are doing to yourself!

It doesn't feel good to bring someone else down, it doesn't feel good to criticize others. We do it because we are comparing. The truth is that we are all the same, we are just on different journeys to learn the lessons we are put here to learn. My lesson could be totally different to the lesson of the girl who hits the rank I want, or the one who has the nicest clothes, or who has the picture perfect relationship.

What now?

So now that I knew what I was doing didn't feel good, I was searching for a way to do it better. Enter the book called 'Girl Code'. Not the typical book I would have been drawn to, I was a bit critical of girly things like that, but there was something there I was excited about, and when we want to learn and grow we need to dive into those uncomfortable thoughts and challenge them!

The book is awesome!! It talks all about women supporting and empowering women! She said something that really hit home, pour LOVE onto those people who have what you want. In the past I would see someone succeeding and having things I want and I would get all poopy (yes poopy) inside. I would be angry and jealous. Guess what, that doesn't hurt them, it only hurts me!!!

So now when I see someone who has something I want or doing something amazing I am extending LOVE!! I am supporting women because that is what I want for this world. I want sooo much love for everyone. I want support, encouragement, inspiration, kindness and compassion!! I know what I am putting out I will receive back, Law of Attraction baby!!

I also do this for people who try to hurt me or are being negative. GULP, that might be tough for some of you to swallow. It was for me in the beginning. But I know now that their behaviour has nothing to do with me, but it has everything to do with what they are going through. It gives me comfort to know that I believe in myself and trust in my path. So yes, I also pour love into those who have hurt me, it allows me to break through the sadness and step into the joy! Holding on to fear, and sadness only puts up blocks to you unlocking your full potential!

My Cheerleaders in Life:

Do you have people in your life that support you and encourage you to be your best? I am so grateful to have been surrounded by so many supportive people my whole life. My sisters know me so well and I have found out recently that this is pretty rare. I can't believe all sisters aren't best buds! My hubby has always been so open and supportive, my kids encourage me and help me learn everyday!

My network marketing friends have shown me a new level of support and encouragement. The industry is based around being self motivated, consistent and stepping out of your comfort zone. If I didn't have this amazing group of people constantly reminding me what I am capable of, I know I would not be where I am today!

My colleagues in nursing, my friends, my parents, the Breath Integration community, people I have met through school, yoga, the list goes on! I am so grateful for everyone who has touched my life in a positive AND negative way!


If you are looking for some support, I am here for you! Or you can join a group, like a bookclub, or a gym, or a class. To learn more about my company and joining my team click here!

I challenge you today if you see someone doing something that brings up your hackles, makes you feel jealous, angry, or critical, instead of going down that path, try liking their post, complementing their outfit, supporting them! Might just make you feel AWESOME inside!

I would love to hear who is your biggest cheerleader in life and what you thought of this content! If you found this valuable please subscribe below.

I love and appreciate you all!


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