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Do you want to start building a successful online business from HOME,

around your FAMILY, in your SPARE time?

Do you want to have MORE time and money to spend doing what you LOVE to do?


Do you want to start living up to your FULL potential?

Okay so you want it, but lets see if you are willing to do what it takes to have it ALL?! Ask yourself:

  • Are you willing to LEARN and implement coaching from top earners?

  • Are you READY to get to work as an entrepreneur?

  • Do you have at least one SOCIAL MEDIA account?

  • Can you carve out 30-60 minutes per day to IMPROVE on your business?

  • Do you have a DESIRE to be your own boss? Make your own schedule?

  • Do you have a POSITIVE attitude?

  • Are you ready for a CHANGE?

  • Do you want to start living up to your FULLEST potential?

Are you answering YES to these questions? Then you will definitely be a great fit for my team! Getting excited yet?! (I am!)

Now lets get down to biz... did you know that anti-aging + health and wellness accounts for 70% of the network marketing industry? First thing you see when you walk into department stores... beauty and


But hold on... Not all companies are created equally. So why did I choose mine (because trust me, I am a skeptic, and I wasn't about to join just any company!) 

So here it is:

Patented products. Check.
Exclusive ingredients that NO ONE else has (i.e. no competition). Check.
Affordable options for EVERYONE (i.e. higher residuals). Check.
An amazing compensation plan. Best in the industry. Check.
Multiple verticals that allow ANYONE and everyone to be a customer. Check.
Free inventory. As in FREE (first of its kind!!). Check.
No quotas. Check.
Proven tenured management. Check.
No debt / self funded. Check.
Not 100 years old (too saturated). Check.
Not 1 year old (too new). Check.

Ability to bring your baby to work. Check.
Up with the times!!! MARKETING ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Check.
Tools, support, and positive culture. (We have so much FUN!) Check. 



Along with all of that… (as if you need more), when you join MY organization ​you will get:

My PERSONAL MENTORSHIP & ongoing support. Let me SHOW you how

I was able to earn an iPad, a Lexus car bonus (sweet right?), three 5 Star

vacations (wahoo I love to travel) and semi retire from my nursing career;

all in under 3 years!

Psst... I mainly did it through Facebook, in my

spare time, while having and raising babies

(crazy right?)!


If you are ready to get started, lets do this!

If you have questions I am happy to help!

Look forward to working with you,



To apply to join my team fill out the form below!


What if your office could be WHEREVER you wanted it to be?! Ahh the possibilities.

personal Growth

personal Growth

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