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Follow your Excitement: Tips on Living your Dream Life!

Good morning everyone!! (or afternoon or evening!!)

So those of you who know me, know that I am often times very excited and enthusiastic about life! My highs are often followed by lows too, and as much as I love my zest for life, my emotions sometimes throw me for a crazy ride. I often get excited in the moment and my over active brain (and ego) can sometimes dampen and cloud over my joy. Anyone else like that? You get an idea or impulse to do something and then the thoughts of doubt and fear creep in. Ahh go away!!!

Well as I have embarked on my personal development journey I have realized that the only thing standing between myself and EVERYTHING I could ever want in this life, is ME!!! That voice in my head convincing me of all the things that could go wrong instead of EVERYTHING that could go RIGHT!! Are we crazy or what?! So this post is about:

Recognizing when you are excited and acting in the moment to create the life of your DREAMS!

My story:

I am a middle child between two amazing strong women. I naturally fell into a role of being the peace keeper who hated to rock the boat. This led to me going with the popular vote of what to do, where to go, and how we did life. As I embarked into my adult life, I found myself doing this with everything. Always getting everyone else's opinion, and never trusting or even listening to what RIKKI wanted. Honestly I was scared and always felt guilty if I wanted something, so I just shut it down.

Through constant growth I learned this wasn't good enough anymore; that we only live once, and it was time for me to take control of my own life! So the first thing I was encouraged to do was make a list of what I wanted!! Me; not my kids, not my husband, not my sisters, ME!!

This was a totally novel concept and I struggled to put things on this list. Have you ever tried to make a list like this? Some of you may find this totally easy, you know what you want and you go for it. So it took me awhile, and I am still adding things to my master dream list. I can say though that since I am aware of this behaviour I can now take charge and do something about it.

If you too have been shutting down your excitement and going with the popular vote, then here are some steps to start listening to your gut and living life full of excitement and JOY!!

Get Quiet/ Get Clear:

If you find yourself not sure what you really want, that you have gone down the path of what everyone else thought you SHOULD be doing, and not what you WANT to be doing, STOP!!! I encourage you to get quiet, I find its often the best to do this in the morning. Take some time for you to just sit in silence and start tuning into YOU FM. Your dreams, your excitement, your joy is there, you just need to start listening again.

Dream BIG:

As kids we dream, we wanted to be astronauts and go to the moon, we wanted to be princesses and have our prince charming swoop in and ride us off into the sunset, we wanted to be singers, dancers, professional athletes, we wanted to change the world!! We believed anything was possible, and wasn't that fun!? But as we grew up the voices set in, "No maybe you should do this" "That doesn't make a lot of money" "This job is more secure". Usually these voices are there to protect you, our parents want the best for us. But as we grow, the impulses for what brings us joy and excitement start to get quieter than those of reason.

Well 3 years ago, I had forgotten how to dream. I was living day to day just getting by. Watching a lot of TV, playing games on my phone, sleeping in, pushing myself to get out of bed with no excitement just to do it all over again. I could cry just thinking of it.

Now through my amazing company, and the choice to Dream again, I am finding JOY and excitement in EVERYDAY!! So start remembering what your dreams were as a kid, start believing that you can have it all, that anything is possible! A dream board is a great, fun way to get this process moving (see mine beside).

Act on your Excitement:

Now you are tuning in, you are dreaming big, lets get into some action!! In your everyday life there are impulses that arise that are showing you the way to unlock your greatest JOY. If you start tuning into what you want these impulses will become louder!


I needed a change, I have been on Pinterest more these days since I have started my blog. I saw this picture of a beautiful woman with BANGS. It excited me!! 5 years ago I may have brushed this off and thought, bangs are too much work, I don't have time for that... down the rabbit hole of what could go wrong instead of what could go RIGHT!!!

THIS time my excitement was greater than the fear, I focused on that and went for it! Guess what? I love them. Its only a couple days in and I am so excited.

When I am acting in my excitement, the days are bubbling with possibilities. I am open and enjoying the moment. When I am letting fear and doubt in, then I am closed off, and often feel stuck.

I heard this recently from the book 'The Big Leap' by Gay Hendricks:

"Fear is excitement without the breath"

If we can breathe into the fear, we can turn our fear into excitement!! Isn't that powerful?

Maybe for you its something small, picking up a book that you normally wouldn't but feel an impulse to grab, maybe its talking to someone out and about that you normally wouldn't. Maybe its doing something for yourself for a change if you are a mom and constantly used to doing for everyone else. Maybe its enjoying an ice cream cone, guilt free and wearing a BIG smile the whole time!

The worst thing that can happen is that you find out that maybe that wasn't for you, discernment allows us to navigate the road. If you never step out and take action, you will stay tucked away in your comfort zone and I can speak from experience, its boring and sad in there. Life exists just on the other side.

My wish for you is that you try something NEW! If you are stifling your inner desires, you are denying this world your full potential! You are a gift to this world and the world is a gift to you; cherish it, believe in yourself, and GO FOR IT!!!



Are you someone who knows what they want and goes for it? Or are you like me and over analyze and judge? Is it easy to know what you want or it takes some soul searching?

I would love to hear your feedback, and if you do something that scares you I would love to hear about it and how it felt!!

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