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Live Like you Give a S#IT: How to start living up to your FULL potential

Are you living up to your full potential? Maybe you are excelling at being a parent, in your career, or maybe your fitness. What about you as a whole? People talk about balance, about nurturing every aspect of yourself: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental. Well after a few separate incidences I decided it was time for me to step up my game! Let me give you the story and how you can do it too.

First, I saw this quote on my sisters wall awhile back that caught me off guard, in big scribbled letters "Act like you give a shit!". I asked her what it was all about. She replied, I just realized I wasn't living like it really mattered. We went on with our day.

Fast forward to a week later, I was scrolling through my Audible recommendations and The Life Changing Art of Tidying up by Marie Kondo came up. It has been on my suggested reads for awhile but as a mommy of two busy little kids, running a biz from home I was in no mood to revamp my entire life. But for some reason, there was something that was inspiring me to make a change. I took a look around my house, it was in such a state of disarray, clothes, toys, "stuff" everywhere. I can blame it on the kids but the truth was is this was definitely an area of my life that needed examining.

Then I met a really cool momma the other day that has led to a pretty fun new friendship. We were having coffee and she was telling me about some vegetarian recipes she makes and was so excited! I found myself replying, "I am so frustrated with mealtime, I don't know what to make half the time, and then the kids wont eat it, or I have to make three different meals!" I really didn't care about my eating. Something we do three times a day at least!!

My dad actually offered to come over and cook me dinner the other night (amazing right?!) and asked me if I could have anything what would it be. My response, "Dad you just pick, I am sick of deciding!", anyone relate to that feeling?

String all those together and what to do you get, a woman who was not nurturing every aspect of her life, a woman who was not living up to her fullest potential, a woman using excuses to avoid looking at room for growth, a woman who was living like she didn't give a shit.

So now that I realized that I wanted a change... what was a girl to do?

Well first I followed my excitement!

There was something to that book about tidying up that was enticing me so I started listening. To my surprise it was much like my business coaching guiding me to write out a vision statement on what the purpose of your tidying will create in your life. The feeling you will get when you life is in perfect order, when you only have the clothes you love hanging in front of you to choose from. Bliss right? Or at least some time saving techniques that could help a momma out. I will be doing a book review of this one, its a good one for sure!

Great cookbook! Every recipe I have made so far is delicious!

What about the cooking? My new friends excitement about healthy recipes, by the way she also has two little kids and is very 'busy', inspired me to step up my game. I had the Thug Kitchen cookbook from my sister in law that I had never even opened. To my absolute delight I quickly became engrossed with this fun and entertaining book!

These are only a couple examples of areas in my life that needed some TLC, but the ripple has started to impact other areas as well.

In recap here are some tips on how YOU can start living to your fullest potential:

1. Check in: Throughout your day, do you get knots in your stomach, are you often short tempered, or maybe just feel nothing at all? This might be a good indication that this is an area that could use some spicing up!

2. Get excited/ try something new: So a lot of the activities we do everyday become mundane. Find someone who is passionate about the thing you are avoiding or dislike and find out what they are doing! Grab a new cookbook, or try out a new exercise routine!

Some of the new recipes I have made this last week! Simple easy recipes that are delicious. No more effort then before but a huge pay off.

3. Get clear with your motivation: Sometimes we do things because its a fad, or we see someone else doing it and want what they have. If you want to make a lasting change, understand why you want the change, what will it provide in your life? How will it feel when you make the effort to doing something new? This will keep you on track with your progress.

4. Be grateful: We live in a world that is so cluttered with 'stuff', we often take what we do have for granted. Get grateful for the fact that we have access to recipes, nutritious food, kitchens to cook! Feel guilty about making sure to brush your teeth every night? Turn it around, "I am so grateful I GET to brush my teeth, with clean water and toothpaste!".

Hope these tips help! I am grateful that I figured out there were some areas in my life that I needed to be more mindful. Now instead of taking forever to pick out my outfit, or getting frustrated at my messy house, I feel at peace. Instead of being angry at mealtime, I am excited to try a new recipe! These small changes = a more happy momma, wife and woman overall!

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