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A FUN Day! Taking time for adventure

Well this week I am doing a FUN, SIMPLE, post about a really great day I had last week, and how you can make the most of your day. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed the day!

Here goes...

1. Take time for you, set an intention.

My hubby went on a stag to Pheonix a couple weekends ago, after having the kids for 6 days by myself, I was overjoyed (to say the least) that he was home! We had one day as a family before he headed back to work so I wanted to make the most of it. Intentionality is a huge part of starting your day, month, year off right I usually come up with one during my Miracle Morning routine!

I had the alarm set to wake up at 5:45 am (yes early but necessary for me to be up before the kids). I wandered out, started the coffee, got my stuff ready for my routine. I have been going on the deck to do it; I love being outside and connecting with nature first thing in the morning. As I opened the door to go out, I saw ripples in the water. As I went closer I saw three deer swimming across to the island! It was beautiful. I watched them swim over then dance and play on the other side, drying themselves off from their venture across. I felt in awe being a part of this little nature scene!

Then the family woke up, Jase is ALWAYS happy, and he always wants to play toys! Then my hubby said he would take him to the gym with him, SCORE!! Its nice to have time with just Emery and I sometimes, and this morning was our FUN breakfast get together with my team. So I got ready to go and Em and I headed out the door.

2. Do something that scares you! Turn the FEAR into excitement and GO FOR IT!

I got to speak about this incredible company that I am a part of at this meeting. It is super informal and there were lots of other momma's with their kids there so it was a special event. I have a lot of energy and excitement and I feel like that is what I am good at, sharing my excitement for life. So that is what I did! Thank you to Leah Tigchelaar for snapping the pics! I used to be so nervous and scared to talk in front of people, but my passion in life is inspiring others to live up to their potential so I am constantly challenging myself to do the same!

3. Try something NEW!

After breakfast I wanted to do a family activity. We hummed and hawed on what would be a fun adventure. Wildlife park? We go there a lot. Pumpkin patch by Vernon? Sounds fun but it was already getting late. Hike? Nahh. I wanted a NEW adventure!! Then my hubby said, "Desert Hills Ranch?" I had no idea what that was but it was new and close by and so it was a big fat: "YES!".

We loaded up the car and were off! It was a beautiful scenic drive to the Ranch. We live in such an incredible part of the world and I am always in awe of the views as we venture out. Jase of course fell asleep right away!

Desert Hills:

This was such a fun place! I think because we went during the week there were some activities that were not in full swing, but we had a blast.

  • Tons of fresh produce at a great price!

  • Goats to feed, that also climb up high to get the food!

  • Cool old tractors and farm equipment that the kids can sit on (Jase refused for some reason)

  • A raspberry patches (Both kids ate TONS!)

  • Wagons to carry your produce

  • Breathtaking views of the surrounding area

  • A super friendly dog that followed us around the whole time

  • Great Mexican products! Hot sauces, pop, beans etc!

  • I think they do horse drawn wagon rides on the weekends

  • I hear they also have amazing tacos

I highly recommend you go out that way for a family adventure! Pictures of our day below!

Here is their website and of course they are on FB as well.

Feeding the climbing goats
Jase playing toys!
Em eating raspberries
Jase with all the goodies!
Family photo

Thanks for tuning in!

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